The Joy, The Pain EP

by Joel Eckels

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These 5 songs were picked from sessions we did in November of 2009 after the band was mentored by the legendary soul man, Bill Withers. Bill taught us important lessons about nuance, dynamics in arrangements and helped strengthened our sense of groove. An unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience to say the least. More of the tracks from those sessions will be appearing on the upcoming full-album release.

During those sessions, we spent 2 weeks taking over our friend, Ben Skerker’s house in the Wilshire district of Los Angeles. Brandon Duncan brought together a bunch of vintage recording equipment and setup shop; running cables through all parts of the house and engineering the whole 2 week session. The band all set up in Ben’s living room with couches turned over to lower the mic bleed and guitar amps in the coat closet. It was raw, guerilla recording at it's best. An amazing experience for all of us.

Our good friend, the amazing Dan Rothchild, took over production duties after the tracking sessions and helped put everything together and add any extra overdubs. We brought in Adam MacDougall, Arlan Schierbaum and Bill Purdy to lay down keyboards, along with Dawn Thomas and Sky Nicholas on backing vocals.

What we got was the first chapter of the Wreckards story. We hope this is only the beginning of a long journey with much more music ahead. Enjoy...


released May 15, 2010

Joel Eckels - vocals/guitar
Mark "Babyhead" Corben - upright bass/electric bass
Tamir Barzilay - Drums/Percussion
Shawn "Chinky Binks" Eckels - guitars/keys

Adam MacDougall - keys on Mr. Mojo and Bad Blood
Arlan Sheirbaum - melotron on Little Brother
Bill Purdy - piano on The Joy, The Pain
Dawn Thomas - backing vocals on Mr. Mojo
Sky Nicholas - backing vocals on Little Brother
Dan Rothchild - backing vocals on The Joy, The Pain/additional percussion

Engineered by Brandon Duncan
Produced by Joel Eckels, Dan Rotherchild
Arranged by Joel Eckels, Mark "Babyhead" Corben, Tamir Barzilay and Dan Rothchild

Special thanks to Bill Withers for his wisdom and direction


all rights reserved



Joel Eckels Los Angeles, California

JOEL ECKELS writes from the depths of his soul. His songs are personal and truthful as he plays from the heart. His sound has a nostalgic quality while remaining unique and all it's own. Eckels draws influence from classic artists such as Bill Withers and Otis Redding, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Led Zeppelin. ... more

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Track Name: Mr. Mojo
Lyrics by Joel Eckels

Mr. Mojo, he’s got something to sing ya
Mr. Mojo, he took the place of my fingers
And played you a song, so you’d stay all night long
Mr. Mojo, he found someone who needs him

Here’s your chance, turn me loose
Better watch yourself, there’s a devil in me
Here’s your chance, turn me loose
Well, well, well, there’s a devil in me

Baby you want it
Oh yes, you’ve got it baby
That smile could light up the moon
Mr. Mojo likes the way you move
Looks like we found the groove
Brings out the devil in you
God help me

Never thought I’d call a devil no savior
Never thought I lost how to do you right
Girl, I wanna be your favorite flavor
You can crave it all night

Mr. Mojo
Baby, you want it
Oh, yes, you’ve got it baby
Track Name: Shame
Lyrics by Joel Eckels

You wanna make it right, but you won’t
Wanna change your tune, but you don’t
Wanna change the world, but you choke

You wonder why the drugs didn’t help
Or how it just gets loud when you yell
Got to stop lying to your self
You’re the only one who can make it change

Don’t try to tell me (3x)
You ain’t got yourself to blame
For the reason who lost love and the money
Now it’s all gone, but it ain’t so funny
Don’t try to tell me (3x)
You ain’t got no shame

I’ll admit I had a hand in this mess
No angel or saint, I confess
Got to come clean with this
Baby, I’ve done all that I can do
Given up on trying to get through
Never giving up on you
No, I’m never giving up on you, baby.

Don’t try to tell me (3x)
Any more reasons why I shouldn’t put up a fight,
That you’re just doing what’s right
Ain’t so black and white.

Why’s it got to be so tough
How can you say you’ve had enough
How can you walk away, we had love
Oh, when we had love baby

Don’t try to tell me (3x)
You ain’t got no shame
Don’t try to tell me (3x)
You ain’t got yourself to blame
For the reason who lost love and the money
Now it’s all gone, but it ain’t so funny
Track Name: Little Brother
Lyrics by Joel Eckels

Your brother don’t know
No, the others don’t know
You tried to tell ‘em but you couldn’t
You’re here with me now
And nobody’s around
Doing all of the things that we shouldn’t

I don’t care what they say,
Sister, won’t you stay
Don’t listen to your little brother
I don’t care what they say
Sister, won’t you stay
He’s been getting his way with my lover

Never did nothing wrong
‘Cept put it in a song
Nobody gave us the information
Whatcha gonna do now?
Just tune it all out
Like changing the radio station
Oh no, never saw it coming
You left me in the dark where they’d rather keep me
Never saw it coming
Girl, you shouldn’t have to leave


Never saw it coming
No, I never saw it coming
Track Name: The Joy, The Pain
(Lyrics and music by Joel Eckels)
copyright 2009

Ain’t no wonder you got the gift of so much soul
It grew up with you, don’t you know?
Spending all your time trying to make mommy and daddy proud
When they’ve done so much to bring you down

Oh, the joy, the pain
Teaching you everything
It all stuck with you somehow
Oh, the joy, the pain
Bleeding it when you sing
Just look at your daddy now

Watching the time go by
Could be gone with just one blink
You’ve got control
Or that’s what you think
What you don’t know is that you’re ‘bout to lose everything
Can’t keep your mind off of your drink

Oh, the joy, the pain
Somebody’s got to pay
Just might be you today
Didn’t have to be that way
Oh, the joy, the pain
Bleeding it when you sing
Somebody’s got to pay
Got to pay

Ain’t nobody making you do the things that you do
You can make it stop
It’s all up to you
Ain’t no mommy or daddy to blame
You choose to keep on living this way
If you don’t change, your soul will die in vain

Oh, the joy, the pain
Living it everyday
You can’t carry that stuff around
Oh, the joy, the pain
Something has got to change
Ain’t no time better than now

No time,
No time better than now
Track Name: Bad Blood
Bad Blood
Lyrcs by Joel Eckels

Careful speaking your mind
Better watch yourself if you tangle with the grapevine
One day, you’ll know the reason why

I just don’t know about you
I can’t understand all the things that you do
You’re an angel on the outside
Devil on the inside
Nobody’s got a clue

You’re making your bed out of all the things you said
What goes around, comes around
You’re making your bed out of all the things you said
Better keep it down
What goes around, comes around

Everybody’s got a darkside
Everybodys got something to hide
You don’t know mine
But it’s probably just a matter of time

There’s bad blood ‘cause of you
Nobody’s coming to your rescue
You’re not making love, you’re making enemies
That’s who will be coming for you